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Depil Bella Waxing Bundle: Pre-Wax Astringent Lotion with Mint & Post-Wax Oil with Cotton Seed, 500ml Each

Depil Bella Waxing Bundle: Pre-Wax Astringent Lotion with Mint & Post-Wax Oil with Cotton Seed, 500ml Each

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Depil Bella Waxing Bundle: Pre-Wax Astringent Lotion with Mint & Post-Wax Oil with Cotton Seed, 500ml Each

  1. Complete Waxing Kit: Includes Pre-Wax Astringent Lotion with mint for preparing skin and Post-Wax Moisturizing Oil with cotton seed oil to soothe and smooth after hair removal.
  2. Refreshing Pre-Wax Lotion: Infused with mint extract, our pre-wax lotion cleanses and refreshes skin, removing impurities and oils for a smoother waxing experience.
  3. Soothing Post-Wax Oil: Formulated with cotton seed oil, this post-wax oil gently removes any residual wax while moisturizing and nourishing the skin, leaving it soft and supple.
  4. Efficient and Gentle: Both products are designed to enhance your waxing process, ensuring clean and effective hair removal with a soothing finish, suitable for all body parts.
  5. Easy to Use: Each product comes in a convenient 500ml bottle with a pump, making application easy and mess-free, ideal for both professional salons and at-home use.

Experience the ultimate in skincare before and after waxing with the Depil Bella Waxing Bundle, meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless waxing process. This duo includes our Pre-Wax Astringent Lotion with refreshing mint extract and our Post-Wax Oil infused with nurturing cotton seed oil, each in a generous 500ml format.

Pre-Wax Astringent Lotion: Begin your hair removal process by thoroughly preparing your skin with our Pre-Wax Lotion. This formula is enriched with mint extract, known for its cooling properties, which helps in reducing discomfort during waxing. It deeply cleanses the skin by removing excess oil and impurities, ensuring that the wax adheres better and slides smoothly for an effective waxing session.

Post-Wax Moisturizing Oil: After waxing, pamper your skin with our Post-Wax Oil. This specially formulated oil contains cotton seed oil, which moisturizes and calms the skin, helping to restore its natural moisture balance. It effectively removes any leftover wax residues without irritation, promoting a soft and smooth texture. The gentle, nourishing properties of the oil make it an excellent choice for sensitive areas, ensuring a comforting end to your waxing routine.

Both products are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, featuring easy-to-use pumps for clean and efficient dispensing. Whether you're a professional looking to enhance your salon services or someone seeking a premium waxing experience at home, the Depil Bella Waxing Bundle is your go-to choice.

Invest in your skin with our expertly formulated products, and enjoy a waxing experience that is as pleasant as it is effective. Embrace the Depil Bella commitment to quality and customer satisfaction with each waxing session.

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