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Dompel Champ Reclining Wash Unit Model 1885

Dompel Champ Reclining Wash Unit Model 1885

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The best cost/benefit wash unit on the market.

Basin: It has a reclining, wide and deep basin that makes tasks easier when washing long and volumous hair, it is made of a
type of material that resists stains and chemicals. It has an anatomical shape in the neck accommodation region, ensuring

Water faucet and Shower: It has a metal water faucet - two entrances, special hoses and shower;

Seat: it contains anatomical seat and back, upholstered with high quality laminated foams that provide great comfort;

Structure: Its structure in injected polymer is strong and impermeable, providing greater durability to the product;
Champ Wash Unit is the best seller in all Latin America!


Technical description

Width: 59,00 cm
Length: 118,00 cm
Height: 98,50 cm
Basin reclining angle: 20°
Basin Total Volume: 29,50 liters
Basin Depth: 34,50 cm

1885-AP / 4 MCDP – Black/Black
1885-AC / 4 MCDP – Black/Grey

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