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Depil Bella Hard Wax Beads Honey - Professional Hair Removal, 2.2 lbs (20 Units Offer)

Depil Bella Hard Wax Beads Honey - Professional Hair Removal, 2.2 lbs (20 Units Offer)

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Depil Bella Hard Wax Beads Honey

Salon-Grade, Honey-Infused Hair Removal Wax, Easy Melt and Effective Grip, Long-Lasting Smoothness, 2.2 lbs

  1. Salon-Grade Hair Removal: Achieve professional-quality hair removal at home with our salon-grade hard wax beads, designed for a superior waxing experience.
  2. Honey-Infused Formula: Enriched with honey, these wax beads offer a gentle and nourishing treatment, leaving your skin soft and smooth after waxing.
  3. Easy to Melt & Apply: Our wax beads melt quickly and evenly, ensuring a smooth application and effective hair removal from the root for longer-lasting results.
  4. Effective on All Hair Types: Removes both coarse and fine hair effectively, minimizing discomfort and irritation to the skin.
  5. Economical Size: Each package contains 2.2 lbs of hard wax beads, providing ample wax for multiple full-body waxing sessions.

Introducing the Depil Bella Hard Wax Beads Honey, your solution to achieving salon-quality hair removal from the comfort of your home. These high-performance wax beads are infused with real honey, known for its skin-soothing and moisturizing properties, making your waxing experience gentle and effective.

Perfect for:

  • Full body waxing, including sensitive areas like the bikini line and underarms.
  • Both men and women seeking long-lasting smoothness.

Usage Instructions:

  • Heat the beads until fully melted and check the temperature by applying a small amount on your wrist.
  • Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth, allow it to harden, then pull off in the opposite direction, close to the skin, to minimize pain and irritation.

Enjoy the benefits of a professional waxing session without the salon price tag. Depil Bella Hard Wax Beads Honey are not only easy to use but also economical, providing you with many sessions of flawless hair removal. Say goodbye to rapid regrowth and hello to smooth, beautifully soft skin.

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